Boo hoo, Jay Whittaker! In “Shut Up and Starve” [The Business, September 8] Jay speaks of “pinching pennies” and not having enough money left for food. He’s no different than the millions of other Americans working for billion-dollar corporations also not being able to make ends meet. A lot of those Americans don’t have health insurance or a pension, but you do! At least acting is something you enjoy. (I assume. You’re obviously not doing it for the money.) A lot of people dislike their jobs and go only because they must. Do you live in the city? Unless you live on the far south side (I doubt it), I’m sure you don’t have to have a car. Suck it up and sacrifice like the rest of us do. Sure you should get a bigger piece of the pie, but shouldn’t we all? Ever talked to someone that works at Wal-Mart? Be happy you’re doing something you love and quit your bitching! I go to school, get in a month what you get in two weeks, and have three sons. Will someone get this man a violin or something? Shut up and starve!

Bill Cunningham Jr.

S. Washtenaw