I’m kind of amused by all the criticism published in the letters section regarding Peter Margasak’s column. Though he is a competent writer who has a pretty good grasp of the music scene around here, he comes across as mean-spirited, biased, and academic.

I recently read the book Sound of the Beast: The Complete Headbanging History of Heavy Metal by Ian Christe. I’ve never so thoroughly enjoyed reading a music book about so many bands that I didn’t like. I love metal, but c’mon, Motley Crue??? Metallica’s Black Album?? What makes the book so engrossing is the author’s genuine enthusiasm toward the subject of metal.

Peter Margasak may have some enthusiasm toward his subject, but he comes across as someone who writes music criticism only to show off his wit and intellect and to make whipping boys out of bands that are inferior to his tastes.

Jeremy Boushelle

Logan Square