Hi Pete–

Interesting article on the street fairs [Post No Bills, June 20]. Nice to know that the community organizations are stepping up to the plate and taking the events to “the next level,” so to speak.

Wanted to draw reference to your postscript item of June 20 and then make a quick comment about the preceding article. The postscript reads: “There were several errors in last week’s column on Pete Cosey: Melvin Gibbs never played in Living Colour; Cosey is approaching 60, not 70; and Gibbs, Johnny Juice, J.T. Lewis, and MC Baba Israel are members of Children of Agartha, not Burnt Sugar. I apologize for the mistakes.”

Ever heard of fact checking, Pete? Well, I think the first postscript error you need to mention for next week’s column concerns the band Hello Dave, a group you characterized as an unoriginal act. Now, you can be honest with me. You really haven’t heard or seen this band perform, have you? Go ahead, admit it–it’ll be our little secret.

I admit that I am a devoted fan of Hello Dave, but please check them out. I think you will, at the very least, understand that they by all means rise above the other two bands you lumped them in with. Did you know they were asked by the U.S. government to perform for military installations in south Asia? How many band bios can boast that? C’mon now. Hello Dave is an accomplished and talented group of musicians that has more to offer than the 80s-bar-band label you pegged them with. That was unfair and irresponsible journalism, Pete, and I hope you find out, firsthand, why I feel that way. If you attend one of their shows I’ll bet you won’t even recognize a song of theirs. That’s because they play all of their own music, which I’d bet my savings account (approximately $600) you’ve never heard in the first place. Please reconsider your impression of this talented act and go see them next time they are in town.

Doug Toft

Lincoln Park