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I was disturbed to read in Michael Miner’s column “Something’s Cooking at In These Times” [June 20] that the founder of Vegetarian Times, Paul Obis, is now a born-again carnivore. Clearly Mr. Obis never embraced any of the ethical reasons that drive many to opt for a vegetarian diet. However, Obis goes too far when he describes his reemergence into the land of meat eaters as a “spiritual” experience. Exactly what is so enlightening about eating the toxic flesh of animals?

It honestly escapes me how someone could be associated with a magazine about vegetarianism for twenty-some years and never connect with the “spirituality” of helping to save our planet and end the torture of millions of animals (not to mention lowering your cholesterol).

Perhaps Obis has been a meat eater longer than he’d care to admit, and the effects of mad cow disease have already bored sponge-like holes into his brain. Mr. Obis is certainly free to eat as many hot dogs as he needs to in order to feel like a “regular” guy. Those of us who view our vegetarian lifestyle as more than a fad have given up meat for life.

Amanda Solon

N. Ravenswood