To the editors:

Bill Ayers, the Weathermen, Commonwealth Edison and the public [November 9]. Who won, after all these years? After the Weathermen the war went on for six more years, 20,000 more soldiers died, countless SE Asians, we continued bombing Laos . . .

Now, it’s fifteen years later, Com Ed has raised rates, made us pay for those big Nuclear stations that don’t work and threaten the environment, and we’re about to go to war in the middle east over our right to get 18 miles to a gallon of gas.

Who won indeed. Well, it wasn’t the public. We didn’t learn anything about war, energy policies or anything else from those Weathermen years.

Commonwealth Edison won. They are still overcharging us, they even got Dan Rostenkowski to sneak through some legislation preventing other power sources in Chicago. (Did you see this anywhere else but in the Reader?) Reagan and Bush won, and around Christmas when the body bags start arriving at Andrews AFB the American people will have lost. But they won’t know it.

Why? We are too uninformed. 60 million of us are functionally illiterate, another 60 million read at a fifth grade level, and Television has made us into a nation of mindless consumers.

THAT’S why we elect the kind of people we do to run this country. Is there any hope?

Not much.

David B. Zoellner