To the editors:

After reading Gary Johnson’s (September 2) article entitled “Dream Day,” I must say that I felt as though I was in Marquette Park the day of the rally.

Five years ago, I stubbornly invested in an old-fashioned bungalow in the Marquette Park area because there are so many big, old, solid homes here. Wanting to recapture the laid-back feeling of my grandmother’s Sunday chicken dinners in her old-fashioned building with hardwood floors, oriental rugs and that definite but pleasant smell of an old house, I was not ready to pick out a model home in one of our surrounding suburbs.

Now that I have everything like my grandma had, I find that the “laid-back” feeling is missing. There is a growing concern about the rising crime, as black families advance block by block from the east. The white boys in the article pass by my corner lot every day reminding me that they are “white, right and ready to fight.”

In my opinion the army of cops prevented trouble on Dream Day. But that was a public park closed to traffic, easily defensible. As my neighbors and I hear the rumors and realities of rising neighborhood crime, we wonder if the same army of police will be here for the day-to-day street skirmishes.

The article was the true meaning of eyewitness reporting. It is vital that we are kept informed about such burning neighborhood issues, but few of us care to deal directly with such display of emotion. We received all sides of the situation and were left to form our own opinion. I saw nothing of this kind of reporting in the Chicago dailies. Keep up the good work!

Sue Camerino

Gage Park