To the editors:

I missed the article on “men’s rights” [February 23] referred to in the letter from Zapp Merryweather [March 16], so I can’t judge that which prompted such a vigorous reply. Nevertheless, I thought the reply, with its extended quotation, was pretty scary. I am a male, and unless I take Zapp’s letter to have been written somewhat tongue-in-cheek, I must conclude that Valerie Solanas and the people who quote her believe everything I touch turns to shit.

Now, I can’t have the distance from my own actions and their consequences which might help me detect such a coprogenic faculty, but I assure Valerie and Zapp and the Medusa Collective that any failing is not for lack of good will. The same holds for all the men I know, too–including my own Daddy, who, like my Mommy, is not perfect, but who loves me and without whose support and nurturance I should be worse than dead. If everything he touches turns to shit, then I must sadly join the fecal ranks, along with my sisters and nieces. I’d hate to think that’s the case.

T. Eddy

N. Pine Grove