To the editors:

What a shame that while the Film Center of the School of the Art Institute offers the Chicago debut of “Tutto Fellini,” the extraordinary retrospective of all of Federico Fellini’s films in stunningly restored new 35-millimeter prints, the Reader chooses to “review” most of these screenings with the recycled and petulant capsules of its former critic, Dave Kehr. Kehr’s well-known antipathy towards Fellini might have seemed roguish in its day but now appears tiresome and predictable. Interestingly, Mike Wilmington, himself a veteran of the alternative press, has chosen to use his “Film Notes” column in the Trib’s Thursday Tempo section to take a fresh look each week at Fellini’s astonishing and inspiring life achievement.

“Tutto Fellini” continues at the Film Center through December 16. For those who need more of Kehr’s vision, it is of course available on a daily basis in the New York Daily News.

Andrew Patner

S. Hyde Park Blvd.

Jonathan Rosenbaum replies:

If Patner knows how to get the New York Daily News in Chicago, I’d love to hear about it. Seriously, I chose to retain some of Kehr’s old capsules precisely because they do offer an alternative to the unreflecting celebration of Fellini so frequently found elsewhere. My column this week, reviewing Fellini’s The Voice of the Moon, presents a more detailed discussion of the issue.