To the editors:

What insight Laurel Fantis and Zapp Merryweather and the Medusa Collective possess [Letters, March 16]. Why it’s positively shocking: there are men who hate women. Who would have guessed? And, judging by these letters, there are also women who hate men. Nawwww. Say it ain’t so, Josephine.

But equating sex crimes with the rights of fathers and equating fathers with rapists is noise everyone can live without. What planet do such thinkers live on? Men and women have one thing in common–each sex has its share of walking, talking pieces of shit. Some humans thrive by visiting pain upon others. The best we can do is educate, rehabilitate or eliminate them as much as possible. That assault, sexual harassment and rape in all its varieties are heinous crimes goes without saying. But what can we do about them that doesn’t require dull, self-aggrandizing, unimaginative, radical feminist pap?

I am hated, therefore I hate. Men are pigs. Say thank you when you screw me. Only men are capable of fucking up the world. Womyn are perfect. Big Deal. Attitudes like that do nothing to increase the credibility of “the cause.” A Nazi by any other name still stinks.

So let’s solve the problem right now. Lock all the woman-haters in a huge gym with all the man-haters, strip them naked, and let them kick the shit out of each other until they’re all dead. The side with the most recognizable remains wins.

Then the rest of us, we dumb ones who deal with reality every now and again, can get on with the mundane, day-to-day schlepping that makes our world go ’round.

Russell Burgos

N. Eastlake Terrace