To the editors:

Kansas City Red’s sharp-eyed manager, Michael Frank, informs me that I inadvertently put Red on the wrong radio show last week [April 5]. Red did indeed fraternize with Rice Miller (Sonny Boy Williamson No. 2) and many of the other musicians who played on Helena radio station KFFA’s famous King Biscuit Flour show; Red, however, played along with Robert Nighthawk on a show sponsored by a rival company, Mother’s Best Flour, on the same station. Another flour company, Bright Star Flour, also sometimes sponsored Nighthawk on KFFA; it’s possible that Red played with Nighthawk then as well.

While I’m clarifying matters, I should add that my use of the phrase “the eve of his 65th birthday” to describe the benefit for Red on April 7 was somewhat liberal. Red’s birthday isn’t really until next month, but because of the physical hardship he’s been through recently, his wife and friends thought he’d benefit both psychically and financially by an early party. He did–thanks to everyone for their support.

David Whiteis