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To the editors:

I read with interest the article “Prolife” (May 19) about antiabortion activists. The article makes it clear (as if anyone did not know) that the prolife movement continues to draw quite a few wackos with IQs roughly equal to their shoe size. If one did not know better, one would wonder if the prolife movement is a liberal plot to make abortion look good by making its opponents out to be a flock of lunatics. Unfortunately, liberals have no need for such duplicity since prolifers are so proficient at making themselves look ridiculous. This is unfortunate, for abortion is a serious issue, not one to be addressed with hysterical emotionalism.

As an open fascist, I stand with the prolife side of the debate, but I am frankly embarrassed by these people, who give both fascism and the prolife movement a bad name. One of the prolifers in the article, for example, is quoted as saying that “Contraception promotes abortion.” That is about as logical as saying that seat belts promote auto accidents. Others try to compare the prochoicers to Hitler, when it is common knowledge that Hitler himself was prolife on abortion!

It should be clear to prolifers by now that the liberals and feminists are not beating them for the hearts and minds of the American people; they are beating themselves with mindless and irresponsible rhetoric which serves only to confuse the issues and by default make the prochoicers look like paragons of reason. Instead of coming off as crusaders for mom and apple pie, they come off as haters and bumpkins who don’t know their butts from holes in the ground. Furthermore, when they imply things about their opponents but don’t come right out and say what they really mean, they come off as looking like pathetic wimps. Acting wimpy is not the way to appeal to the fascist sentiment in this country which everyone knows is out there, just waiting to become a coherent force.

For example, it is no secret that what prolifers say they are about is not the totality of what they really are about. They obviously believe that the role of women is to serve men as mothers and breeders, and everyone knows they believe that. Instead of pussyfooting around, they should say so straight up; in so doing, they would get a lot of respect, because deep down liberals have the same values as conservatives and fascists. Liberals and feminists claim their values are different, but their actions show what they really believe: how many liberals does anyone know who are not either married, considering marriage, or formerly married? The whole point of marriage is the domestication of women, so it is clear that, with the exception of a handful of radical and/or lesbian feminists, virtually everyone in America shares the basic values of hearth and home that we fascists hold. This is what prolifers should be talking about, for this exposes the phony nature of liberal ideology.

Fascists have to be brave enough to tell it like it is, for fascism is about political honesty and individual responsibility. We who oppose abortion must use arguments which get to the heart of the matter and set aside wild emotionalism which, while feeling good, solves nothing. We need to point out that, while we cannot stop anyone from having an abortion whether we make it illegal or not, abortion remains the solution of narcissistic women who, while not wanting a baby, were irresponsible enough to allow themselves to get pregnant. The issue is one of personal responsibility.

We should also wise up and stop our mindless opposition to birth control, for the bottom line is that the fewer pregnancies there are, the fewer abortions there will be. We can preach about sin, etc, from now until the cows come home, but 3,000 years of such preaching has yet to stop one person from doing what they wanted to do. A far more realistic approach is to favor all those supposedly liberal things we love to hate: birth control, sex education and yes, an emphasis on safe sex, particularly masturbation, which provides 100% protection against pregnancy, AIDS or any other sexually transmitted disease. To oppose masturbation in any era of millions of unwanted pregnancies and abortions is bumpkinism at its worst. We love to chide liberals and communists for foolishly attempting to build heaven on earth, but when we pretend that people will reject sin just because we want them to, are we not just as utopian as the liberals?

Bottom line in all this is that so long as prolifers behave like hysterical clowns, the liberals will continue to look good by comparison, and will continue to win the battles that really count.

Tyrone Walls

N. Rockwell