Dear Editor,

Jae-Ha Kim plays the racism and sexism trump cards when she derides Bill Wyman’s attacks on her writing [Letters, May 12]. These disingenuous and too easily invoked broadsides weaken an otherwise compelling letter. Say what you will about Bill, but his commitment to covering artists of all genders and races outstrips that of any local critic except Jonathan Rosenbaum. (Notably, Bill’s writing is a welcome respite from that of his Section Three sidekick, the apologist for white guys with guitars Peter Margasak. He’s the Rock 103.5 of the underground set.) Kim correctly and welcomely points out some Wymanian foibles, but to suggest his campaign against her is race- or gender-motivated belies a clear trend of general tolerance in his written and radio-broadcast work. Bill may be petty and vindictive (and I’m not necessarily conceding that he is), but the -isms don’t apply to him. However, Kim’s airing of Bill’s dirty laundry, just as Bill did mercilessly to Urge Overkill and Touch & Go Records in his column a few years ago, can be seen only as overdue comeuppance.

A loyal reader