To the editor:

Is there no perceived indignity too slight and insignificant to escape Ben Joravsky’s watchful eye? I refer to the planned closing of several access ramps on the Dan Ryan Expressway by the Illinois Department of Transportation [“Exit Wounds,” February 6]. IDOT says it’s to reduce accidents. Some neighbors, noting that ramps serving IIT, Sox park, and the University of Chicago will stay open, say it’s an effort to wall off the black community from the rest of the city. I say you can find racial conspiracy theorists on any issue; it doesn’t mean you have to publish what they say. Every week, it seems, Joravsky comes up with some hideous government action that flies in the face of the good folk who pay the taxes (usually represented by a couple of “neighborhood activists” or a plucky kid who had an encounter with a mean cop or wasn’t allowed to take pictures on the el platform because the CTA didn’t want to get sued when he fell off). Joravsky’s government atrocities seem to be getting sillier and sillier. Now, as Chicago continues to lead the nation in homicides, the papers are full of government corruption stories, and the Chicago public schools have a $200 million deficit, Joravsky focuses on the complaints of a few people who will have to sit on their asses for a few more blocks before getting on the highway like it was the dawn of a burgeoning civil rights movement.

Isn’t there a better way to use that newsprint?

Jordan Marsh