Imagine my disgust when I opened my Reader to find a full-page tactless advertisement on page two suggesting I help “cover up the homeless problem [February 2].” Whoever thought of the ad and did not realize how offensive it might seem for an overpriced Michigan Avenue store to offer its upper-class patrons 20 percent off their purchases of more overpriced items in the store if they come dragging old clothes should be fired.

I suppose someone might argue that at least donations are a step in the right direction. The person is apparently very far removed from the reality of being cold, hungry, and stuck with nowhere to go. Only that dissociation would allow for the person to get past the initial tastelessness of using philanthropy to “sell” something to the already affluent and then add to the insult by offering that same affluent person a discounted price.

The self-fulfilling prophecy I’m sure will no doubt bring people to the store and “cover up” once again the actual problem. One Kenneth Cole jacket and bag could most definitely clothe a family of four. But instead of Kenneth Cole actually producing a product that more people could afford, or its patrons choosing another more direct method of getting clothes on people’s backs (i.e., not shopping at Kenneth Cole)…

I’m sure that this letter has no place to be printed–after all, I don’t have the money to buy all of page two like Kenneth Cole does. But to the editor…please be more responsible. Pin this up in the newsroom and remember that capital should not be everything. Remember that this paper is read by people, and people regardless of their economic status have worth.

Thank you for your time,

Lindsey Zimmerman