Letter to the editor in response to Tom Frank’s piece “Swallow It Whole” [April 12]:

Tom Frank apparently doesn’t get enough circulation with his homemade zine (the Baffler) that he has to take his cause to the Reader. This cause being that Tom seems to dislike all things trendy, or yuppie. He’s criticized such “controversial” subjects as grunge and River Phoenix in the past, and now Foodlife, a mall restaurant.

Frankly speaking, Tom, I guess being anywhere but on the outside puts you too close to being mainstream. I am not defending Foodlife’s corniness and its loosely strung PC theme, but merely questioning why Tom has such a malicious stance against overpriced, underseasoned food. His critique of Foodlife revealed his obvious disdain for its patrons (is that self-hatred?) and was both petty and condescending.

But as long as you won’t be patronizing Foodlife any longer, Tom, please send your Lettuce Entertain You Frequent Diner Points my way. Good luck finding any noncapitalistic bargain on the Gold Coast.

Dana Hoffman