The Tribune and Sun-Times Red rip-offs of London’s Metro may ultimately fail for lacking the key elements that make London’s commuter paper ever so popular [Hot Type, November 1]. The target on age rather than mode of transportation is only one of Red’s many mistakes. The Metro is geared toward users of public transportation, and all ages can be found thumbing through the Metro on any London rail or tube (attracting advertising from various arenas…cha-ching!). Where Reds have failed to place their papers in key spots (it seems ineffective to have Red boxes placed in the Loop considering most would have utilized the papers on their morning ride to work), the Metro is widely available at every tube stop and rail station (they are picked up so quickly by commuters one would be hard-pressed to find the paper after the morning rush). The Metro is also appealing because it is FREE! Considering the amount of advertising content in Chicago’s Reds, I am shocked at the daily quarter charge. Although both Reds deserve kudos for award-winning size, they forgot to add the main element that makes London’s Metro so easy to read while standing on a crowded train or bus. Staples, please!!! Without this tiny helper, Chicago’s Reds fall apart when flipped through and folded. Whereas the Metro holds it together through the most rigorous manipulation, Chicago’s Reds are falling apart at their seams.

Christy Begeschke