Dear editors,

Thank you for sending Nick Green to attend Free Street’s MadJoy Theatrics performance of Skeptics and highlighting it in the Critic’s Choice section (5/17/02).

I’d like to clear up one piece of information that was confusing. The article mentioned that Skeptics was “the first ensemble-generated piece, written under the tutelage of director Ron Bieganski and Bryn Magnus, to be staged under this brand-new performance arm.”

TeenStreet has been creating ensemble-generated performance with the direction of Ron Bieganski since it began in 1992. Bryn Magnus has been a part of the writing process since 1995.

What is new is just the name. MadJoy Theatrics is a Free Street TeenStreet program. OK, I know this starts to get a bit confusing, but here’s how it goes. Free Street’s jobs programs for teenagers are called TeenStreet. TeenStreet has three parts:

(1) Summer TeenStreet, which employs teens for six weeks in the summer to create and perform original shows for children all over the city of Chicago.

(2) PANG (producing arts for a new generation), which employs teens to produce professional artists whose work expands the boundaries of performance.

(3) MadJoy Theatrics, which employs teens to create and perform shows that explore new structures of theater.

Until this production, MadJoy Theatrics was just referred to as the year-round TeenStreet company. As TeenStreet grew to include PANG two years ago, it was important that the year-round TeenStreet company be given its own name. I hope we will be able to make the transition to the name MadJoy Theatrics without losing the reputation that TeenStreet has earned in the past ten years.

Information about all of the Free Street programs (TeenStreet/Arts Literacy/Parenteen/ArtsConnect) can be found on our Web site at

Thank you for helping us clarify the extent of programming at Free Street.

Anita Evans

Free Street Director of Marketing & PR