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Re “The Dope and the Dopes” by Michael Miner, September 28

Has DeLuca’s criticism of teams “standing by their stained man” extended to the Cubs and Sammy Sosa? What about the Giants and Barry Bonds? Calling this “typical Cardinals fashion” seems a bit misleading. It’s been the typical fashion of every Major League team faced with this problem, not just the rival of one of our hometown franchises.

Jim Lipsey

I know I’d be dead right now if I wasn’t taking something that helps me heal “unnaturally,” so I guess Major League Life should ban me from existence.

Greg Andrew

Re “Pedaling While Rome Burns” by Ben Joravsky, September 28

The Sun-Times reports that the city is considering raising parking meter fees to as high as a dollar-an-hour in Chicago’s neighborhoods in order to scrounge together more revenues for the deficit-plagued budget.

Higher meter fees might curb some traffic on the roads and improve the environment–which is a great thing, so long as it is coupled with a commitment to improve public transit as an alternative mode of transportation. But Daley is moving (so to speak) in the opposite direction, by standing idly by while the transit system crumbles.


Sure Can’t Pick ‘Em

J. Rosenbaum’s review of Shoot ‘Em Up [Movies, Section 2, September 28] is one of the maestro’s classics, but something is wrong in this world when The Invasion is recommended in your paper and In the Wild isn’t.

Allen Colombo

Field’s Fan, Activist, and Proud

I find this cartoon a cruelly senseless attack on a bunch of people the artist obviously doesn’t even know [The City by Derf, September 21]. Why does Derf assume Field’s fans don’t have people in Iraq? Some of us actually do. Why does Derf assume we don’t support more urgent causes? Most of us do. Do we need to carry good-deed resumes around like an ID card?