I’m one of the people whose quote appeared in the Hot Type column about Savage and Gary Bauer [February 11]. Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune was kind enough to let me know about the article since we had traded E-mails over the story.

According to what’s in the column, it appears that I was right about Savage’s Salon story being a put-on. Since I love satire, I can appreciate the “savage” humor (sorry about the pun) of Dan’s story. Even so, I wish he had come clean earlier. More than a few people will never read Savage’s “clarifications” and so his story will fuel homophobia for years to come. Sad, but true. In addition, I feel sorry for the people who worked with Savage in the office. After his story was published on-line, they went through a lot of grief worrying about whether they had been exposed to the flu or worse. In their case, Savage should’ve said something earlier.

David P. Graf

N. Kostner