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Dear editor:

Terry Levin of the city’s Department of Streets and Sanitation blames the wrong people in your Letters column of July 29 when he says that Ben Joravsky and concerned citizens caused misunderstandings about the fate of trees scorched during street-paving operations.

In a letter on this subject to Levin’s boss, Streets and Sanitation Commissioner Eileen Carey, I assert, “This whole dispute over the scorched trees might have been avoided (and could be avoided in the future) if high-priced PR people like Craig Wolf in Transportation and your own Terry Levin would send the information contained in your letter to community-based organizations, neighborhood newspapers and aldermanic offices.”

Public information people in city government have historically been satraps with sinecures, uninformed flacks who react defensively to complaints and to attacks on their sponsors. They rarely know or care enough about their departments’ operations to inform the public before disputes arise over city services.

Richard C. Bjorklund

N. Wilson