To the editors:

Hooray for the sane and sensible letter by Sonia Florian of WNIB [March 15] regarding all the silly hoopla about WFMT and its continuing troubles. Indeed their growth has been steady and promising. Those of us who are longtime fans of Jay Andres know that he has been greatly responsible for their success. We hope he’ll return there where perhaps he can be properly appreciated for his uniqueness.

I too have been an avid listener to WFMT since its inception by the Jacobs with Studs, Ray, and Norman; the Midnight Special, the opera broadcasts, etc. You are in error in saying there were so many who resented Jay Andres coming to WFMT [Hot Type, March 15]. Those ferociously adamant mean-spirited, petty-minded so called FRIENDS OF WFMT are greatly in the minority, and don’t speak for most of us. It seems to us that they’ve conveniently made Mr. Andres the scapegoat of their hostility towards any change. Why is so much credence paid to them?

Surely if some negotiating were attempted by some serious-minded objective source, some solution might be forthcoming agreeable, even satisfying to most all of us, and we wouldn’t have to go searching for Jay Andres somewhere else.

Sarah Reed

N. Claremont