To the editors:

Tho on the right track Habitat [“Love Amid the Rubble,” November 18] is just a drop in the bucket. It will never meet the housing need in your day or mine.

The problem is that people can’t do for themselves any more. In the old days there were many jacks of all trades but few masters. Today it is more like the other way around! All because the capital vrs labor problem of 1886 was not resolved in a right way.

Someday the spirit of Habitat will make a real difference. The schools will have to fill the gap and we dare not count on the public schools taking the lead. Private summer schools are the answer. Maybe all our grandchildren will do their summer learning more like Indian children picked up what they needed to know to play the adult role. We’ll have 8th graders spending their summers playing house! And, for now, men and women of all ages will pay for Habitat on-the-job training. They’ll become jacks of all trades! It will work like Barber School. By the time school is out there will stand a new or rehabilitated house!

Lincoln Edmands

E. 76th St.