My husband, Bill Corcoran, is the Irishman in our family (on his father’s side), not I. Not wishing to offend my Irish friends any further than I already have, I wish to point out a very small error in Tori Marlan’s excellent profile, “Letter Heads,” November 21, in reference to a letter I wrote to People magazine.

The term “storm-troopers” was about Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance, not about Riverdance, which I liked. The two are as different and diverse as Daniel John Sobieski and Bill Corcoran are, which made for a provocative and illuminating article.

Somebody out there obviously agrees, as already Bill has received notice of an unsolicited subscription being sent in his name to the New American magazine, or as I call it “Ragazine.” Garbage in, garbage out, and the same to all that follows.

Lois Fisher-Corcoran

S. Fairfield

Tori Marlan replies:

Thanks for the correction.