To the editor:

I was delighted to read the cover story about Rick Garcia by Jeffrey Felshman [August 30]. The article single-handedly injected loads of honesty into the debate about how to get things accomplished in the lesbigay-transpolitical world. Politics is a messy, power-laden, aggressive game. Elizabeth Birch (of the Human Rights Campaign) says she would rather meet with Ralph Reed (of the Christian Coalition) than with Rick Garcia because Reed is more polite than Garcia. This should sound a wake-up call to all concerned with advancing our cause. Ralph Reed is completely prepared to undo our secular democracy and further marginalize minorities no matter how polite we are. Some of our elite leadership don’t seem to know how we got to where we are. Thanks to Rick Garcia for bringing up the issues. If he had done nothing else (which isn’t the case) that would be enough to merit my praise.

Loretta Manning

Unaffiliated, Impolite

W. Talman