To the editors:

In response to a letter written by Aaron M. Renn in the September 24 issue [Reader to Reader], let me tell you my experience.

A few weeks ago I was on Damen waiting to turn south on the Stevenson. The scenario was identical to that described by Mr. Renn: an old car on the shoulder, a woman almost in hysterics pleading for money to go to Elgin, the car was out of gas. I gave her five dollars, surely enough to get past Elgin. She took my money tearfully, asking God to bless me.

Then she went down the center strip to the car behind me. I couldn’t hear the conversation, but there were pleading tones, tears, etc. The green arrow flashed on, and I proceeded.

Moral: it is better to feel ashamed than ripped off.

Carl Larson

S. Ashland