To the editors:

Shame on you! I expected far better from the Reader and a writer the caliber of Ben Joravsky. In his “Aldermania” article [February 22] Mr. Joravsky claims that “Ron Sable (is), as far as anyone knows, the first openly gay aldermanic candidate.”

Well, I can think of two others who preceded Dr. Sable in the 44th Ward. Why don’t you do the homework you should have done before publishing that statement and correct the error in print as soon as possible?

Sarah Craig

N. Winchester

Ben Joravsky replies:

Sarah Craig is sort of right and sort of wrong in her recollections about previous openly gay aldermanic campaigners. One of the candidates she refers to was not open about his sexual preferences (it certainly wasn’t a pivotal part of his campaign).

The other candidate, a fellow named Grant Ford, was open about his sexual preferences, but he dropped out of the race a few months into the 1979 campaign, having worked out some sort of deal with John Merlo’s 44th Ward organization.

I did not know about Ford’s short-lived run until Craig’s letter (and a rather insistent editor) prompted me to read some back Readers. Now I have to wonder: how many other gay candidates–obscure or well known–were there?

Anyway, thanks for writing, Sarah, and keeping me on my toes.