To the editors:

Achy Obejas’s article on gay Catholics was informative and provocative [Neighborhood News, November 28].

I get really tired of gay people who keep whining that they are “not political” as though this somehow insulates them from the world around them. The “Dignettes” seem to think their lack of being political (or politically aware) means they can support institutions which oppress their brothers and sisters. They seem to think that the ‘political gays” (there are too few of them) can fight out their battles for them in the secular arena. Well, it’s time for them to wake up to the fact that the Catholic church has a great deal to do with politics in this city. Gay Catholics can’t pretend to support the good local parish without supporting the homophobic politics of Rome and the Chicago archdiocese. It doesn’t seem that the local parish is even very sincere when it refuses to even list Dignity’s services. Strange how Dignity wants to give its money to people who are embarrassed by it and whose pastor admits he supports the Cardinal’s duplicitous actions regarding the failed gay rights ordinance.

It was a political act when Cardinal Bernardin stepped into the fray to defeat desperately needed gay rights legislation. It was a political act when the pope instructed local bishops to begin interfering with local gay rights legislation. It was a political act when the pope tried to scapegoat gays for the world AIDS crisis. Where were all the devout gay Catholic’s when all this happened? Praying or rubbing their rosaries?

Seth Rosenberg

W. Diversey