Re: Lewis Lazare’s Culture Club January 28, 1994.

Is the Reader interested in fact or fiction? Are you interested in printing the truth of what was said or slanting the story so that the truth is ignored in favor of more interesting copy? Mr. Lazare is known throughout the theater community for his own personal “style” of reporting; it is not respected.

I have given this issue much more time than it well deserves, but in order to set the record straight I’ll give it five more minutes. This is what I told Mr. Lazare and this is what I’m telling you. I found my weekend at Kellogg productive. Even though some of the sessions were lacking in certain areas, I found all of them to be personally beneficial to me. I definitely learned from the weekend.

I never in my talking with Mr. Lazare used the word lousy, as was stated under my picture in your paper. That is not my style. I said the Kellogg people worked from an hypothesis that in my opinion was wrong. They felt that you could market the arts just like any other product such as Xerox, or Polaroid. That concept did not work for me as well as a great many of the artists who were present, but to use quotation marks signifying that the statement “Kellogg needs to get its shit together” came verbatim from my lips was an outright lie.

Lewis Lazare needs to stop slanting his stories toward his own personal biased opinions, and if he is going to quote or describe what people say then he should do so honestly.

In short, Lewis Lazare needs to get his shit together.

Jackie Taylor

Black Ensemble Theater

Lewis Lazare replies:

I stand by the quotes as reported in the story.