Thank you for the recent cover story “Growing Old in Gitmo” [by Tori Marlan, October 4] chronicling how the U.S. government has detained hundreds of men in the U.S.-controlled detention facility at Guantanamo Bay without charge and without the opportunity to challenge their detention in U.S. courts–violations of fundamental due process and basic human rights. The past five years since January 11, 2002, have been a degrading experience, both for the detainees and for the United States. The America we believe in does not torture people, leave people in a hopeless legal limbo, or undermine due process. It is time for the Bush administration to end this unhealthy attachment to Guantanamo Bay. We should close Guantanamo and either charge and fairly try the detainees or release them immediately. Five years of lawlessness is too long. For information on how one individual can make a difference, visit

Dori Dinsmore

Midwest Regional Director

Amnesty International USA