To the editors:

I was seriously considering taking a studio at the Flat Iron Building to display my photographs. But after reading that cameras will broadcast tenants’ comings and goings [Culture Club, July 13], no way am I moving in. It’s voyeurism. Building owner Bob Berger should use the $100,000 for the cameras instead on making the building more amenable. It’s ironic that the building isn’t cable ready, yet people going to and from the latrine will be shown globally on the Internet.

And as for the giant monitor showing footage from the cameras, what’s that supposed to make the six-corner intersection of North, Damen, and Milwaukee into? A miniature Times Square? The neighborhood already has the requisite hookers and dealers, so a huge screen will only congest the street life.

Moreover, the screen could have the opposite effect. Rather than luring people into the building, it could disinterest them because the cameras won’t show the artists working in their studios but in hallways and common areas. It’s already tacky enough that MTV’s Real World has begun filming nearby. Now Berger wants to serialize the lives of talented but cash strapped artists into drama.

Marco Spino