Dear Ms. Armstong,

I would just like to say I think you are a wonderful writer–I truly enjoyed reading your article about my father [Chicago Antisocial, July 7]–it was quite entertaining even though a lot of stuff was totally inaccurate and out of context! You made my father seem like a total creep in your article! He is nothing of the sort! He is an eccentric artist but he is nothing like Charles Manson, he would (and has) never hurt any woman. You made his “orphans” seem like they were trash, but they were nothing of the sort either! The majority of them are very successful women today–most with successful careers and families. It’s not like he ran some type of whorehouse or anything! He lived at home with my sister, me, and my mother for the majority of my life–until they separated. He merely gave these women a place to stay (sometimes in our home, sometimes at his business address) or gave them a job working with him in his business–he gave them chances that nobody else would and helped them become the successful women that they are today. I am his youngest biological child, and I am a very successful woman, thanks to both of my parents–my father was there every step of the way when I was growing up and never missed an important event in my life, no matter what! He has struggled with a failing business for years just so that he could help me pay for my education. I am currently a second-year medical student and could not be here without all the love, support, and guidance that my father, “G” or legally J. Robin Wells, provided to me throughout my whole life. As I stated previously, I think your article was excellently written–I truly think you have an amazing talent. I especially like the way you physically described him in the very first sentence pertaining to him. But your artistic liberties can and has hurt quite a few people’s feelings, and I just wanted to let you know who my father really is–a wonderful, caring man who has helped me become the successful woman that I am today.

Tabatha Wells