To the editors:

Despite my fervent belief in democracy, as a concept, C.C. Pyle’s glib smear [“Our Bodies, Their Selves,” January 15] made me crave a return to the elitist position of intuitive study held prior to the rediscovery of the human-growth field that followed Shirley MacLaine’s success in popularizing her life search. How stupid to describe “the Oasis Center [as] a self-described ‘human potential center.'” So is General Motors a self-described automobile manufacturer.

The article was ludicrous, a shallow effort to denigrate important aspects of human life, i.e., physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual evolution. Holistic can be applied to effort to balance neglected facets of personal and social development. Philosopher Jan Christiaan Smuts proposed the term based on accurate linguistic roots.

A little journalism is, indeed, a dangerous thing. C.C. Pyle is a disgrace to a great original: Ernie.