To the editors:

“You’re so vain.”

Glick doesn’t need a new look, just a new outlook [“Paul Glick’s Toughest Make-Over,” August 10]! “Make-over” is a tragic story about a tragic man, obsessed with others’ opinions of himself. Even more tragic, is that this is a man who earned his fortune contaminating his clientele with this kind of sick thinking. As I read the article, I was saddened to think of the thousands of people who have been victimized by a self-taught, self-proclaiming “therapist” who gets his kicks (and his money) by bringing women to tears. Interesting, that after all these years, Glick now acknowledges the irony of his life’s work.

I am not convinced that Glick has been “made over.” Allowing one’s story to appear front page tells me that he is very much the same. The omissions in his story including the one about his now defunct Palm Springs, California, salon lead me to believe that he had some input into sculpting Valeo’s style, too. I’d be willing to bet that Glick was careful to be photographed exactly where and how he wanted.

My question is, what right does he have to set up individual psychotherapy sessions with a Beauty Operator’s License? Are we to assume that because he has been involved in psychotherapy himself with all the best, that he now has a license to confront people Gestalt style? Getting “Glicked” may be synonymous with “style” to some folks. I, on the other hand, can think of a better word, same tense. The unfortunate woman with the jumpsuit and bold earrings had the right idea.

Linda Spreyne

Chicago and Palm Springs