Godfathers of Garage

Regarding Spot Check from June 15.

I think it was November of 1984 when the Reader featured a Section One article entitled “Finally, the Fleshtones,” in which (probably) Scott Michaelsen used up about 6,000 words to make the point that this NYC band could be the shot in the arm rock ‘n’ roll needed to save it from the synthetic pop of the day. A lot may have changed in 17 years but not the Fleshtones.

Personally, I don’t know if Monica Kendrick’s quip last week regarding the band was an admonishment to rock fans for forgetting them or a hint to the Fleshtones that they should be gone. However, the fact remains that Ms. Kendrick was remiss in her duty to inform the 20 or 30 readers who care that there was an actual rock ‘n’ roll band in town.

In protest of what was perceived as a slight to the Godfathers of Garage, the Havox will not be sending Ms. Kendrick their usual clever and entertaining press release to announce their upcoming show with the Woggles June 30 at the Beat Kitchen. Doors open at 9 PM.

David Behrel

Fleshtones Hall of Fame

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Michaelsen’s 1,300-word review ran September 30, 1983. –Ed.