To the editors:

[Re: Neighborhood News, July 17]

dog wars in lincoln park is just a pinprick to non-dog owners. with 92 million households in america, and 50 million dogs, it is apparent who loses this war.

i live in evanston, where dogs are leashed by law, and forbidden on the beaches. every morning hundreds of them are on the beaches, in the parks, on apartment lawns–all over. is anyone ever arrested for breaking the law? No. a picture was published in the TRIBUNE last year on the first warm day of spring, showing a lady with her dog cavorting on south blvd. beach here. i sent a copy to the mayor of evanston, ordering her immediate arrest.

what a laugh. i have asked evanston police and park rangers if they would like their children and grandchildren digging in the sand on that beach. they look at me like i’m some kind of nut. only six out of ten owners clean up after their dogs (also a statute on evanston’s books).

most of those poor dogs stay in apartments alone all day. but, the giant lobby is there protecting the dumb animals from the rest of us. what can we do? not much.

a true story: last fall during one week in new york the transit authority announced three fatalities on the subway system during that period. one dog, a maintenance man, and a homeless man. the transit authority got 93 calls about the dog, one about the maintenance worker, and none about the homeless man.

we’ve come to this in the last decade of the 20th century.

David B. Zoellner