As one who no longer reads the Sun-Times, I can’t speak to recent columns by Mark Brown [Hot Type, July 11]. After 9/11 he wrote several columns regarding the tragedy. I wrote him and asked that he write more provocatively about related subjects; namely, the dual citizenship that many U.S. citizens enjoy. Among the dual-citizenship countries are Mexico, Greece, Lithuania, and Israel.

I pointed out to him that this subject was ripe for discussion, as the thought of U.S. citizens fighting (or worse, spying) against our country was realistic and needed venting. Mr. Brown, who had previously answered my E-mails commenting on his articles, was mum. I never heard again from him, even after following up and asking for some response. I was persona non grata. I suspect Mr. Brown either didn’t have the stones to write such a column or was told by David Radler to ignore me. Kass has the same lack of balls, as when he wrote the sappy story of a 19-year-old who wrote his parents just before the invasion of Iraq. They toe the line, something Royko would have pissed on had he been alive.

In short, both newspapers lack a consistent hard-edged writer in the mold of Royko. I admit Royko became a crabby old man in the last year or so, but at least he didn’t back down from Mexicans who objected to his column. If Brown (and Kass) want to create a legacy, they must start writing provocatively and factually about taboo subjects that keep most of America in the dark.

James Ally