To the editors:

In regards to the article “Tina and Rosie Don’t Live Here Anymore” by Marion Karczmar [April 22] I found a lot of truth to it. Not only was it well written and had strong visuals but I admired the honesty in it.

I had been to one block party on Cleveland and believe me those women will make you eat! But it was fun. That neighborhood was colorful and too bad that today with all the gentrification such neighborhoods will no longer be.

I wonder about my own neighborhood here in Rogers Park, even the people like Rosie “even people who hated Rosie’s bellowing and prayed for her to drop dead were shaken” are slowly disappearing. A man who had a great limp and walked his two dogs every day is gone. You could hear his metal heel drag across the sidewalk miles away, he scared the children but would mutter an occasional “Hi.” Even now people ask about him and say “Gee I wish I knew him a little better.”

I liked the article. Keep up the good work.

Sue Parcell

W. Farwell