Chicago Reader Editors:

I am confused about one of your writers. You used to ahve one named Bryan Miller, that name disapeared and now you have a Sarah Bryan Miller. They write the same kind of anti-God anti-Family articles. Is this the same person and why the name changed?

Second I am very offended by something in Miller’s interview of egyptoligist Emily Teeter. Teeter stated that the Prophet Joseph Smith was wrong in his translation of the papyrruses that we know now are the Book of Abraham. The Prophet Joseph was Gods’ messinger sent here to restore Christianity which died out right after the time of chirst, when the church went over to the Devil and we had the Great Apostacy. The Prophet Joseph DID NOT make mistakes.

Teeter and Miller will have another chance to accept the True gospel after they die if they are lucky enough to have someone undergo baptism for them at a Temple. If they reject the word of the Prophet Joseph at that time they will spend eternity in perdition.

In the meanwhile Miller and Teeter owe every member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints a big apolgoy for saying that Heavenly Father would send a liar as his propeht. There are almost 10 million members of the only real church and we all have personal revelations of the truth of what Prophet Joseph has said. Anyone who calls themself a Christian but is not a “Mormon” is a member of the church of the devil, better think about it.

Orin Miller

(NO relation to Sarah Bryan!)

Sarah Bryan Miller replies:

My birth name is Sarah Bryan Miller, but I’ve always gone by my middle name. I changed my byline when I started contributing to the New York Times, which already has a writer named Bryan Miller. It’s nice to know that someone is reading my work.