To the editors:

Your article in the Chicago Reader “The Fighting Is Over, the Dying Has Just Begun” (May 10, 1991) represents the kind of journalism I hunger for, and unfortunately find too little of these days. I experience a great deal of gratitude for Louise Cainkar and others from the Gulf Peace Team, who are giving us the only bits and pieces of truth available from the aftermath of that awful war.

In the Milwaukee area, as I discover others interested in the truth of what’s been happening I share with them my copy of that article. They agree that as awful as our complicity in the suffering of Iraqis and others in the Middle East has been, a ray of light comes in getting our hands on something honest–finally!

Please continue your work in ferreting out the truth. You’ll never be rich, but what you offer will last forever.

Jerry Zawada


Political activist

Saint Francis, Wisconsin