To the editor:

As usual, the year-end edition was great [December 25]. I enjoyed the lingual lapses of the mayor, having made a collection of almost 100 of them by Daley pere et fils. One of my favorites by Richard M. was, when asked about capital punishment, he said, “I’m for death.” A year later he elucidated: “The more killing and homicides you have, the more it prevents havoc.”

But the all-time best was brought to mind December 13 by the death of Morris Udall.

In his Too Funny to Be President the senator-humanist wrote: “Richard M. Daley once served in the Illinois legislature. While his career already includes a number of notable achievements, perhaps his most memorable was his suggestion that the state honor the late Sen. Everett Dirksen with a statue.

“To facilitate the process, Daley proposed to create a ‘Commission on Erections and Mounting.'”

Don Rose hit his usual high standard on politics, but didn’t approach his all-time high of a few elections ago when he described the American political system as a proctocracy.

Hank Oettinger