To the editors:

I am much saddened by Mr. McClory’s usage of an otherwise pleasant and informative article to express his anti-Israeli sentiments [“Children of the Holocaust,” July 6]. I am also wondering whether or not the Reader hires an editor to check articles for incongruent passages.

If so, the Reader may have deleted the passage discussing Israel and her actions vis a vis the Intifada. While I do not condone many of Israel’s actions I resent the comparison of Israel to terrorists. Israel may do things wrong, but she does not attack innocent civilians in airports around the world, or people enjoying a holiday at a local beach.

Especially reprehensible is the paragraph that equates Israeli anti-Intifada operations, some of which are unjust, with wholesale retaliatory killing. Mr. Rizowy is right that Israeli actions are better than wholesale murder and Mr. McClory’s failure to see this is obscene.

Even more obscene is Mr. McClory’s inclusion of these paragraphs in an article otherwise devoted to one of the saddest acts in human history, and to people who suffered from it. I feel sorry for those victims drawn in by the headline who are forced to read this insipid attack on what they believe. The Reader should know better.

Lawrence S. Berlin


Robert McClory replies:

Due to an editing error, a sentence in my story that had referred to Palestinian terrorist attacks on civilians was changed to refer to Israeli terrorist attacks, which meaning I in no way intended.