I wish to acquaint you with the journals of repute that I am associated with that report on environmental issues. I have written on issues related to cell phones and hazards of EMF [“When Bad News Is No News” by Michael Miner, June 15].

1. Strategy+Business–“Cell Phone Health Hazards: Threat or Opportunity”: www.strategy-business.com/li/leadingideas/li00004.

I am now working on a new article for this magazine. It takes me 6-8 months of time to complete the research necessary simply because the research that I need often takes networking and intelligence that you don’t find by just doing a Google search.

2. Value News Network, www.valuenewsnetwork.com.

Publisher Laurance Allen, formerly of the Financial Times, U.S., Harvard Business Review, and S+B, has launched this journal. Please read this link to acquaint yourself with issues on sustainable communications; it presents Laurance’s insights and views–www.thedailygreen.com/2007/06/15/a-watershed-moment-for-sustainable-publishing/2640/.

Lavinia Weissman

Whidbey Island, WA