Reply to Ed Gold (“Bobwatch,” 1-27-95 Reader), on the macabre humor and insensitivity to the child Bob Greene calls “Joe” and others.

Do you feel this child or any child is just a name on paper to be discarded after reading? It appears that the efforts of others to help those unable to change their unfortunate circumstances leave you “ad nauseam.”

Maybe there is a secret, unconscious wish to emulate Mr. Greene. You wanted to be a crusading journalist too, but Mr. Greene stole your thunder.

Whatever, your harping commentary doesn’t ease the personal Armageddon “Joe” has been experiencing, nor the frustrations of the students losing their speech therapist.

Time marches on; today’s children will become the leaders, doctors, journalists, or felons (depending on their circumstances) of tomorrow. In an X number of years you may need some of their services. Eventually a child (become adult) will replace you, or you could be replaced by a machine before then. Your words may return to haunt you.

No one can see beyond the mountain curve on the road of life. Count your blessings, Sir, and enjoy them while you can; but be more tolerant of those less fortunate and the people trying to help them.

M. Samek

N. Beacon