To the editors.

Three days after your article about Jim Zangrilli (Reader; July 8), the person in question had a letter that appeared in the July 11 edition of the Chicago Sun-Times. Zangrilli was protesting the confiscation of a handgun without benefit of a warrant for the search. This protestation is about the only thing that Mr. Zangrilli and I agree on.

He says with conviction that the only reason that Sara Brady would be against the selling of cheap handguns is that she is both a racist and an elitist. Why else would she be against them? Zangrilli asks. Probably the fact that her husband, who is damn lucky to still be with us, was shot in the head with a cheap handgun. And before you start spouting off more, Mr. Zangrilli, let me tell you that I am a lower income black male. The very person you claim you are fighting for their right to have a gun. Also, according to statistics, the Number One victim of said weapon.

The statistics don’t lie. Other nations with strict gun control laws have handgun murders that total in triple, double and, in some countries, single digit figures. The United States, the so-called greatest and noblest nation in the world, has at least six figure yearly murders. There are several excuses for owning the handgun: “The crooks have their guns, I’m keeping mine.” But where do they get their guns? Stealing them from others and/or selling them. “Guns don’t kill people, people do.” This statement is true only on The A-Team. “Since people are murdered with other objects (the most common seem to be baseball bats and bricks) why don’t you fight to get them outlawed?” Because those objects were not made with the sole purpose of ending a life. There are only two things that you can shoot with a gun: Targets and people. Well, if this is the case, the next time a person threatens someone with a gun, retaliate with a brick. Come on, you’ll be twice as deadly as they are because how are they going to kill you with a gun (which “doesn’t kill people”) when you’ve got a brick (which “should be outlawed”)?

We are not against the selling and manufacturing of ALL guns, just the handgun which can be easily concealed and too easily gotten a hold of.

Willie Holmes

S. Saginaw