If I have this right, on the one hand it’s OK to flout the rules when it comes to parking on Logan Square’s boulevards on Sundays, Alderman Colon having declared he is not “gonna be the one to break the cycle” of churchgoers parking illegally [“Where Would Jesus Park?” by Tasneem Paghdiwala, June 22]. At the same time, Alderman Stone–along with, disappointingly, the alderman of my own ward, Tom Tunney–is putting precious energy into revoking the ban on the sale of foie gras–even though he agrees with the ban!–because he’s decided he and his fellow aldermen “overreached” last year in voting for it and, in doing so, undermined the City Council’s authority [“When Activists Attack,” by Mick Dumke, June 22].

Or is it because he lacks the courage of his convictions? I find his admission that he’s caved in because a few people have told him Chicago has become a “laughingstock” quite depressing. Leaders are supposed to lead, after all, which means, among other things, having the integrity and guts to stand by your principles in the face of opposition and fight for what you believe in–in this case outlawing the torturing of voiceless, defenseless animals.

And, if he and his fellow aldermen did indeed “overreach” last year? Well, let’s also not forget that the law is sometimes just plain darn wrong. In this case, it most definitely should be “about ducks,” not the “authority of the City Council.”

Kerry MacKenzie