Dear Reader:

I was impressed by Steve Hunt’s letter “Constitutional Right” in the June 6 Reader. The Constitution gives us a right to bear arms. It doesn’t say what kind of arms. If we simply allow that this means any kind of arms at all, then that means that I have the right to own my own H-bomb. I know of absolutely nobody who seriously advocates that private persons should be allowed to own their own personal H-bombs. This being the case, the question is not whether the right to bear arms is or should be subject to regulation; the question is simply one of the extent to which this control should be exercised.

One fact is so clearly obvious from both the May 2 “Arming the Tribe” and June 6 “Dealing Death” Reader articles that most readers probably didn’t even notice it: The whole gun control issue is an overwhelmingly male issue. Most women have the good sense to not be wanting to think about guns at all. But thousands of years ago the guys took on the job of defense against the bears and lions and such, because the women were busy taking care of the babies and children. The poorer fighters selected out naturally, leaving the better fighters to propagate our species. Now that there aren’t any bears and lions to fight anymore, the Y chromosomes inherited from their ancestors have infected many of their descendants with a pathological urge to fight–whether there are any bears around or not.

Since males have so consistently abused their use of weapons, they shouldn’t be allowed to own or use any kind of gun at all, let alone any larger kind of weapon. If they really feel the need to do each other in, they can select themselves out with swords and knives. Only women should be allowed to use guns or any larger weapons, and yes, this means women should be in exclusive control of all the rockets, bombs, tanks, and all other such implements of destruction.

After a century or two of this, maybe the guys will finally forget their urges to kill bears or anything else, and weapons can become a nonissue and thing of the past.

Mike Muench

W. Augusta