Mr. David Futrelle

In response to your December 1 article, “Reluctant Heroine,” I certainly hope that greasy-haired waif Ms. Kim Deal wakes up and starts achieving the goals you have magnanimously set for her, i.e., becoming “the biggest thing since Kurt Cobain” and the artistic equivalent of his patently talentless widow, not to mention giving up looking like she is bereft of a hair care regimen. Perhaps you and your fellow Reader rock critics should take Ms. Deal’s advice regarding heroin junkies in the industry and quit glorifying them.

Your quotes from Deal appear to be ripped off from another article that actually contained an interview with the musician. In fact, precious little of you review strikes me as original material. Fortunately, Kim Deal shows no signs of slipping into the destructive mode that made the late Cobain such a paragon of the “indie” scene. Actually, she has already one-upped the Cobain image by outliving him.

Allison Klug

N. Damen