To the editors:

On Friday, September 28, 1990, Lewis Lazare wrote an article entitled “Theater People Wonder: Where Have All the Profits Gone?” which appeared in your newspaper in The Culture Club column. The article is centered around a brief conversation Mr. Lazare had with me on Monday, September 24, 1990. The conversation was elicited by Mr. Lazare for and on a different subject matter and focus. The article contains both substance and quotes attributable to me which are either taken out of context or were not my quotes. The Production Team of Cullen, Henaghan & Platt not only are the most successful Chicago Producers but are the main force in Chicago to keep Chicago viable as a Commercial Production City. They have done this and continue to try and do this at tremendous cost and sacrifice to themselves. It is for the love of and belief in the viability of the theatrical arts that they keep going.

To have and allow an article to appear in your paper which contains half-truths and misquotes and which has its main purpose to vindictively hurt Cullen, Henaghan & Platt and all other Commercial Producers has no journalistic purpose other than to do intentional harm to Cullen, Henaghan & Platt and Commercial Theater in Chicago.

I trust that your newspaper will try and assure that this form of journalism not continue.

Hal “Corky” Kessler

Zero Plus One, Ltd.