Dear editor,

After reading Michael Miner’s Hot Type column of June 20, “Something’s Cooking at In These Times,” I found myself hoping that the “friend” who swindled Paul Obis out of $625,000 is a vegetarian.

At the time of Royko’s Ribfest, I wondered who would be so foolish as to fight to put a vegetarian entry into a carnivorous competition, even though I was a vegetarian. Now I know. They were correctly “ribbed” by Royko in one of his columns a couple of days later.

I hope that Paul Obis enjoys his new life as a “regular guy” even as more “regular guys” are becoming vegetarian, or something closer to it than having a hamburger for lunch.

As for self-righteousness and spiritual progress, whether one’s motivation for being vegetarian is purely spiritual, purely physical, or somewhere in between, if one wants to take pride in the fact that they are vegetarian, they should also keep in mind the fact that pigeons are also vegetarians.

Rocco P. Lotesto III