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Herbal Notes is planting the seeds of culinary cannabis in Chicago
Weed Week: Chef Manny Mendoza’s pop-up dinner series combines good food, good feels, and responsible cannabis consumption.

By Mike Sula

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Rauner’s reefer madness rules despite overwhelming support for legal pot

By Ben Joravsky

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Here’s what happened when I took a weed bath

Can you get high from soaking in a tub full of pot-infused bath salts?

By Melanie LaForce

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Whatever happened to the ‘cannabis candidate’?

By Hunter Stuart

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Is Illinois ready for a potential influx of stoned drivers?

By Ashley Mizuo

Credit: Courtesy Kitchen Toke

Chicago-based Kitchen Toke, the first zine devoted to cooking with weed, preaches the green word

By Steve Heisler